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Some New Solar Products To Keep Your Eye On

While rooftop solar mounts have become a viable product in recent years, they are not going to be the only choice for long. There are several new products being researched that will allow you to generate your own power without the hassle of rooftop panels.  Most of these technologies are coming to commercial installations first, but that doesn't mean your home has to go without any of these exciting new technologies. Read More 

Power Overloads In Your Home

One of the primary things that can cause your home to lose power is a power overload. Whether you're pumping too much electricity through your home, or you have an improperly installed electric system, power overloads can range from being a minor home nuisance to a serious problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. In this article, you'll discover more about what exactly a power overload is, what can cause a power overload, how to determine if your home has experienced a power overload, and most importantly, how you can prevent a power overload. Read More 

3 Problems An Electrician Can Fix In Your Older Home

Living in an older home may have its benefits, but older homes can also have issues too. The electricity in an older home is a common issue you may want to address. Because the electric in older homes is not always up-to-date, it may present risks to you and your family members. These risks can lead to fires, injuries, or even death, and here are three common electrical problems you may want to consider more information on updating. Read More 

Don’t Make These Four Common DIY Electrical Mistakes

These days, there are a lot of jobs do-it-yourselfers can take on when making repairs and home improvements. With the availability of in-depth information online and the proliferation of home improvement stores, even the least-experienced homeowner can expect to find success when attempting a project. However, when working with electricity, the stakes are raised high; there are few other things that can be as deadly or destructive as do-it-yourself electrical mistakes. Read More 

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Home Electrical System Safety

My name is Lucas Bollinger and I recently purchased an older home that was in need of major repairs. Even though I would have to do a lot of work on the house to make it livable, the price was too good to pass up. Because of safety reasons, I first called an electrician to remove the electrical system and replace it with new wiring. According to the electrician, the old wiring was very unsafe and I'm glad that I had it replaced. After that job was finished, I didn't have to worry about an electrical fire or using my power tools while repairing the house. Since bad house wiring can be dangerous, I'm writing this blog for informational purposes about home electrical systems. If you have any of the warning signs of an electrical problem in your home, don't delay in contacting an electrician to inspect your wiring.